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  • As we grow strong and keep our Trucking Service under the Department Of Transportation license, with all our credential up to date.... also we want to keep all our trucking drivers, technician, mechanics, office staff, and clients,...... always happy so we always have space for another enthusiastic, hard and passionate worker on this Trucking Service industry to serve and satisfy the demand of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, so if you looking to work with us, please visit us or send us your application with your full credentials and we are sure we will find a excellent spot for your passion

  • Always we have the opportunity to ad another excellent driver like you just bring your full credentials and we are sure we can find a spot on our family for you

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  • We have Many, but Many different ways to keep our Trucks on a perfect state, working always to keep the safety in the routs always, so also always looking for good mechanics like you with full credentials and experts to repair and keep our trucks in a good shape 

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  • Our office has also different departments, Human resource, Management, Reception, Scheduling, Accounting, Trainers, Mechanics, Parts orders etc that way also looking for more high qualify workers that loves the trucking business :-)

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  • Driving a truck offers more freedom, variety and rewards than any other career, and there's no better place to start than with us at Lopez Trucking II